Corporate Purchase Program



What is the Corporate Purchase Program?

BMW Corporate Programs are exclusive pricing and service programs offered by Sewickley BMW. As a BMW Group Corporate Partner, you can take advantage of the BMW Group Corporate Fleet Program. You and your company will benefit from some of the most progressive corporate partnership program discounts in the market today.

Our Corporate Program is crafted for you. We value your time. We value your hard work. We will provide you with a premium service.

An Incentive That Will Go A Long Way.

Your company has teamed up with BMW of North America, LLC to offer a “Special Incentive” for any new BMW model. You may utilize either the BMW Lease or Loan Program to purchase your new vehicle, or you may use other sources of funds for your purchase.

This program is offered nationwide through your company’s partnership with BMW of North America, LLC., so if you ever thought of motoring around in a BMW, please click the links above, give us a call, or visit Sewickley BMW to find out how easy it is to purchase a new BMW.

The Corporate Sales Incentive can be also combined with most Retail Support Programs in place at the time of purchase. If you are planning to lease your vehicle through BMW Financial Services, remember to ask us for the applicable Lease Rate Reduction.

Get Started Now!

In order to receive your Corporate Sales Incentive, download the Customer Information Form (CIF) from your benefits website. If you have difficulty finding this form, contact us at (412) 741-6400.
Come in and present your Sewickley BMW Motoring Advisor with your completed Customer Information Form (CIF) and select your vehicle.
If you are not enrolled, or have questions about your company, contact us here or give us a call at (412) 741-6400 about the Corporate Partnership Program.