2022 BMW iX Sports Activity Vehicle Model Review with Prices, Photos, & Specs

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Key Features

  • Starting at $83,200 MSRP*
  • Up to 300 mile range
  • Less than 12 hours to a full charge
  • 90 miles of range can be added in a fast charge in just 10 minutes
  • 516 horsepower
  • Standard all-wheel drive
  • Panoramic roof with electrochromic shading
  • Intelligent Personal Assistant
  • Augmented Reality navigation

BMW iX Sports Activity Vehicle

About the BMW iX

BMW pushes the technological envelope once again with the all-new, first-ever iX Sports Activity Vehicle. As you would expect from any BMW, it effortlessly combines dynamic performance, luxury, and utility. This time, however, those attributes are built into an electric vehicle that takes the BMW ethos and pushes it forward into the future. With the iX, you sacrifice nothing for performance, driving feel, practicality, and comfort in an electric vehicle.

If you’re looking for next-generation tech, the iX won’t disappoint. The iX includes features you’ve never seen on a car before, such as a panoramic glass roof with electrochromic shading, an Intelligent Personal Assistant, and “shy tech” styling that hides arrays of sensors and buttons behind styling features for a cleaner look. Thanks to Sewickley BMW, you can be first in line for the electric BMW revolution. Experience the next generation of The Ultimate Driving Machine with the electrifying BMW iX.

Futuristic Tech

Futuristic Tech

The BMW iX boasts incredible, forward-thinking technology, like a built-in artificial intelligence personal assistant that understands conversational language. Buttons and switches are cleverly hidden beneath features such as the wooden dashboard trim, which lends the cockpit of the BMW iX a clean, futuristic look and feel. The massive center screen uses Augmented Reality navigation to help you find your destination, and runs on the latest iDrive 8.0 infotainment system. Outside, the trademark BMW “kidney” grille now contains an array of sensors and cameras to feed information to various driver assistance features. Our favorite feature is the panoramic glass roof with electrochromatic shading. At the push of a button, the roof glass can shift from opaque to transparent and back again. It’s a useful feature for when the future gets just a bit too bright.

2022 BMW iX Video

BMW iX Overview

BMW iX Styling

First of its Kind

The BMW iX is the first fully-electric BMW Sports Activity Vehicle, a segment the brand invented with the cutting-edge X5 over two decades ago. That model caused a sensation upon its release, and the iX will be no different. As you would expect from a Sports Activity Vehicle, the iX combines utility and comfort with a precision driving feel that’s uniquely BMW. Handsome styling, a stylish, roomy cabin, and a pair of powerful electric motors combine to give you everything you’ve always dreamed of in an electric vehicle – and then some. BMW engineers packed the iX with futuristic technology, the likes of which you’ve never seen or experienced before. With the BMW iX, you finally get to enjoy the best of all worlds.

BMW iX Horsepower

Power at Your Fingertips

Most of the time, when you’re discussing electric vehicles, the conversation inevitably turns to efficiency and sustainability. We’ll get to that eventually, but remember – the all-new iX Sports Activity Vehicle is a BMW. It’s time to talk about performance. Thanks to the near-instantaneous torque afforded by electric motors, the iX can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds. There’s a whopping 516 horsepower on tap, produced by twin electric motors and fed through all four wheels. Naturally, the BMW iX drives like a BMW, with a tight-handling, responsive chassis that’s not rough or uncomfortable like some hard-edged sports cars.

BMW iX Range

Hard-Charging Efficiency

Range anxiety has kept a great many folks from taking the plunge and going full electric. It’s understandable – nobody wants to be left stranded, waiting for a charge. With a range of roughly 300 miles, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you need to travel even further, a fast charge option can provide up to 90 miles of additional range in just ten minutes, while a 40-minute charge can replenish the battery up to 80% of its original capacity. A full charge from a 240V outlet takes less than 12 hours. With the BMW iX, you can go anywhere and do anything – and you won’t have to worry about range. Despite its SUV-like shape, the iX boasts a drag coefficient of just 0.25, making it incredibly aerodynamic and efficient.

Trims & Specs

BMW iX xDrive50


  • Starting at $83,200 MSRP*
  • 300 mile range
  • All-wheel drive
  • Panoramic roof with electrochromic shading
  • Intelligent Personal Assistant

*Price and specifications are subject to change. Price does not include sales tax, destination charges, or dealer fees.