BMW Battery Replacement near Pittsburgh, PA

BMW Battery Replacement
Over time, the battery in your BMW wears down and becomes less and less effective at both starting your BMW, and running its various electrical systems. Prolonged periods of sitting without use can wear the battery, as various systems continue operating even when your car isn’t running. In addition, usage, weather conditions, and time also contribute to the dwindling performance of your battery. The service department at Sewickley BMW carries a full line of replacement batteries for your BMW, identical to the ones installed at the factory, as well as approved replacements. If you’re noticing issues with the electrical system of your BMW, give us a call to set up an appointment for a battery replacement.

Battery Service

Why Has My Battery Drained?

The battery in your BMW is used to start the car, as well as run various functions, such as the alarm system, while the car is parked. When your car is parked, the battery is still being utilized, and slowly discharged. If the battery dies completely, you’ll need to jump start the car or recharge the battery. Allowing a car battery to completely discharge isn’t just inconvenient when you need to use your car – it’s bad for the life expectancy of the battery as well.

When the engine is running, the battery is recharged by the alternator, which also operates the various electrical systems on your BMW while the vehicle is running. Like any rechargeable battery, the battery will wear down over time, and after years of charge and discharge cycles, it will require replacement. Other factors, such as the climate you live in, can affect the battery as well. Harsher climates that experience extreme heat, extreme cold, or both, will have a negative impact on the life cycle of the battery.

Battery Service

How Can I Tell My Battery is Worn Out?

Many automotive parts will give you little or no warning that a failure is imminent. The battery in your BMW however, will actually give you “hints” when it’s getting ready for retirement. A battery’s average useful service life is typically around five years or so in most cases. If you’ve noticed your BMW getting harder to start, or your lights dim when you use other accessories, like your power windows or locks, it may be time to replace your battery. It’s far more convenient to replace it before a dead battery leaves you stranded or you need a jump start. Call the service department here at Sewickley BMW and we’ll get you scheduled to have a replacement battery installed.

Why Replace My Battery With Sewickley BMW?

We know that there are a lot of places where you can buy automotive batteries. Even your local department store probably carries a selection of off-brand batteries. However, the service department here at Sewickley BMW is staffed by experts who know your BMW inside and out. We stock the factory correct battery for your BMW, designed specifically for your vehicle. We also understand how to properly remove the old battery and dispose of it, and we’ll make sure that any accessories, brackets, and vents used by the original battery are connected in their proper configuration. If you need a battery for your BMW, you can trust that Sewickley BMW has the correct one for your vehicle that will offer years of trouble-free service.